PerfectDisk Rx Suite

PerfectDisk Rx Suite

PerfectDisk Rx Suite defragments your hard drive and optimizes your computer
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The PerfectDisk Rx Suite software can defragment your hard drive and optimize your computer so that it performs at its best. The program is a comprehensive suite that has many useful features. The StealthPatrol feature will only defragment your hard drive while the computer is not being used and after a certain amount of fragmenting has occurred. This way the defragmenting process will never use up any of the PC’s resources and you will never be disturbed when working on the computer.

The program will completely defragment files, which means that all the pieces will be put together in one piece. This will maximize the speed with which the PC works. The free space on the hard drive will also be put together into one large piece, which increases the speed of the hard disk.

Another way that the software works is that it can recognize how you use files. When defragmenting, the files are put in an order that is based on your usage so any problems will be avoided. All unnecessary files will be removed from the system which lets the computer perform better and it gives you more room.

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